Monday, 2 November 2015

           Great All Blacks win World Cup!       

We supported the All Blacks on Friday by all wearing black.  We made head bands, painted our faces and made flags.  We think that by having so many positive thoughts, we helped the All Blacks win.
Some of our thoughts:
"They deserved to win because they worked together."  Indiana
"They played hard out." Tia
"We won 34 to 17.  That means we got twice as many points as the Australians." Vinnie
"They tried and tried and they got there." Isabella
"If you work together you will succeed."  Lilli-Rose

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Calendar Art

We finally finished our art work for our calendars.  Please come into class and have a look!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015


We took a piece of A4 paper and tore it into strips.  We had to see who could make the longest line!

The longest strip was over 13 metres!

Beach clean up!

We all did a great job cleaning up the beach.  And we looked great in our new T-shirts.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Inter-school Cross Country: Kawakawa Friday 4th September

At cross country the T-shirts were amazing.  When we were there I had butterflies in my stomach.  Stormy-Lee

We were the first ever people to wear the new Paihia School T-shirts.  LIam

I almost came first but I couldn't run any longer.  I ran out of breath.  Nevaeh

On Friday we had cross country. We had to wait on a mat at Kawakawa Rugby Club.  I came fifth in my race.  Alysha

It was fun when it was my turn.  I ran really fast and i came second.  Isabella-Paige

At cross country I came first. It was an amazing event.  Lilli-Rose

At cross country it was fun.  Jade

Monday, 31 August 2015

Cross country

Cross Country
By Isabella A

On Extreme Friday we did cross country.  First four year old kids,
then five ran a lap across the field.  They did really well.  Then the five year old girls went, because the boys don't go with the girls at cross country.  

When it was nearly my turn I had a rest.  My tummy was filled with butterflies.  I saw my group line up so I rushed up.  I was excited and really nervous. The blocks went, "Bang!",  and we started jogging.  Then we went really fast over the tall gate and over the steep hill, then back over the gate and down to the finish line.  I was puffed. I came fourth and Nevaeh came third, Stormy-Lee came second and Lilli-Rose came first. After my race we left to have a pizza.

Liam and Lucas showing great determination!

Lilli-Rose, Payton, Tia and Isabella.

Friday, 28 August 2015

                                    Dress up Day 2015

W e had great fun on dress up day.   We had made some fantastic costumes and we had to tell Shirley about our book character and why we picked it.